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Construction Insurance: Three Essential Tips for Ensuring Proper Coverage

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There are almost limitless insurance options for construction and contracting businesses. The differences lie in the coverage amount, premiums, deductibles, scope of coverage and the specific nature of the policy. Therefore, if you are purchasing an insurance cover for the first time, you might be confused about the right choices. As a result, you might end up with insufficient insurance coverage. If you are concerned about this issue in your business, you should consider these tips for promoting proper coverage for your construction operation.

Think about Your Business Needs and Risks

You should not randomly shop for commercial insurance. In simple terms, you should not choose your insurance policies by checking out the products or packages in the market and then purchasing the standard or recommended covers. Instead, you should first evaluate your construction operation and determine the type of risks that your business will face. For instance, you must think about the specific tasks performed by workers during your projects and the potential financial losses in case of an unexpected incident. You should also consider the equipment in your operation and your owned properties and the possibility of damage or loss. This systematic analysis will help you have a clear view of your level of risk and make a decision on the appropriate insurance policies. 

Consult Construction Insurance Experts

If you are lucky, you might find an insurance package for construction businesses which can cover all your needs and risks. However, this type of situation is rare because contracting companies have different structures and operate in different ways. More often than not, you will discover some significant gaps in insurance coverage if you choose standard policies. In other cases, you might purchase multiple products and find overlaps which cause losses. If you would like to avoid these unfortunate situations, you should consult an industry expert. Construction insurance specialists will understand your requirements and find you the most appropriate options at competitive prices. 

Examine Your Policy and the Fine Print

Finally, you should study your chosen insurance policy with care before proceeding with the purchase. There are numerous issues which are not expressed verbally by the broker, agent or advisor. By reading the contract, you will know the exact terms of coverage. For example, there are some damages and liabilities which you might assume are covered by your insurance policy but are not. If you understand the fine print of this type of cover, you will avoid assumptions and find ways to minimise gaps and excesses.   


29 January 2018